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Child Custody in Virginia

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Family Law

Children are diverse individuals who have their own needs, passions, and expectations. Because of this, different parents must employ different skills and tactics to care for their unique offspring. Ensuring that a child has everything they need to live and thrive can be a significant undertaking for a Northern Virginia parent.

The work of parenting can become more complex, however, if a child’s parents choose to end their relationship in separation or divorce. Whereas the united partners to a couple may care for their child under a single roof, separation and divorce cause households to divide and parental oversight to become split. When this happens, courts work with families to make sure that the children are provided for and secure.

Child custody plans can take on different forms to support the individual needs of kids. Prior posts on this blog have discussed legal and physical custody, as well as how custody can be shared between parents or given solely to one of the parents. The way a child custody plan is set up will be guided by the arrangement that will serve the best interests of the child.

There are many factors that courts can look at to ensure a child’s best interests are met. The child’s age and relationship with their parents will be examined, as well as if they live with any siblings in their household. Disruptions to a child’s schooling or involvement in activities may influence how and where a child will live, and if the child has specific health or medical concerns that one parent can handle better than the other, that may play into how their custody is established.

As all children are different, it is impossible to establish a generic custody plan that will work for all possible family law cases. Parents who are ending their relationships can seek the guidance of divorce and family law attorneys for help with their legal needs and concerns. This post should not be read as legal advice and is only intended to provide general information.