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Understanding Protective Orders In Virginia

Protective orders are legally civil matters but can have criminal-like implications both directly and indirectly. The legislative purpose behind a protective order is to protect a person who is being threatened or physically harmed by another person. If a court finds a legal basis for a protective order to be issued, the court can order that a person have exclusive use of certain property (like a car or residence), have sole legal and physical custody of a child, and much more.

Protective orders also often have unintended consequences for military and law enforcement personnel and can complicate security clearance statuses. As a result, protective orders can have huge impact on one’s life.

Because we are a family law and criminal defense law firm, we can be your one-stop solution for any family law or criminal law issues you may be facing. In fact, our family law and criminal defense attorneys Kara Lee and Misha Lopez work closely together in these matters. If you need a protective order issued, or if you have concerns about a protective order being issued against you, call us today at 703-259-8731 or complete our contact form. We advise and represent clients in Arlington and throughout Northern Virginia.

Protective Orders And Family Law Cases

Protective orders are important factors for the court to consider when making decisions in divorce, custody or support matters. Depending on the nature of the allegations supporting the protective order and the marital and familial history, a court’s decision on how to divide property or split a child’s time between the parents could be impacted.

Additionally, the findings made during a protective order hearing could be used against you in subsequent divorce, support or custody hearings, and may reduce the likelihood or completely foreclose the possibility of certain relief or rulings.

You may hear that a protective order is “no big deal” because it’s simply a way to keep you from having contact with your ex. Don’t let this bad advice lull you into thinking everything will be okay. Protective orders often need to be challenged vigorously and require knowledge of both criminal and civil consequences. Our attorneys can answer your questions and help you request or defend against the entry of a protective order.

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