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Why Choose Lee Lopez Law?

Compassion Means We Put You First

Misha and Kara know how difficult it is to go through a divorce, fight over the custody of a child, or face criminal or traffic charges. That’s why compassion is an essential component of Lee Lopez Law’s approach to client representation. Kara and Misha want to help their clients get back on their feet and overcome the challenges they face. They know it is important to listen and understand each client’s perspective, and legal reasoning is not the answer to every difficulty one faces in a court case. Kara and Misha want to understand the lives of their clients to better represent them in a manner consistent with their goals and expectations.

Experience That Matters

Experience is more than the number of years one has worked as a lawyer. There are many lawyers who have worked for 20, 30 or 40 years in the profession, but who lack the necessary experience to deal with today’s challenges and the ever-changing legal landscape. Experience includes actual experience in and exposure to the courtroom, staying informed of changes in the law, and analyzing and challenging established precedents. Misha and Kara have each handled many cases and have had regular exposure to various trials, motions, depositions and mediations. They are also both connected to the legal community through their various involvements, and each of them regularly attend educational events to stay informed. Misha and Kara are armed with the type of experience that helps people deal with their legal problems.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Representation

Efficiency comes in many forms, and Misha and Kara work to be as efficient as possible in every respect when it comes to representing clients. Many lawyers must take on a large number of cases or charge very high fees to cover their overhead. Misha and Kara know that extravagant offices do not make for good lawyers, just well-paid ones. At Lee Lopez Law, we handle fewer cases, keep overhead low, and invest in technology and client management resources to ensure that each client gets the best possible representation and does not feel like they are merely just another case.

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