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Relocating With A Child: What Divorced Parents Need To Know

Relocation is not an easy process when you are a divorced parent. It can be extremely challenging to pursue a particular career or relocate for other reasons when you and the other parent are no longer together and do not agree on where you should live and raise your child.

So how do divorced parents decide where their child will reside when a major relocation is necessary? If there is already a custodial arrangement in place, you will need to take legal action to preserve your custodial rights.

Whether you are planning to relocate or the other parent is, the family law attorneys at Lee Lopez Law PLLC can help. We have extensive experience in these matters. We represent parents on both sides of the relocation process, including military parents. Call us in Arlington today at 703-259-8731, or complete our contact form. We advise and represent clients throughout Northern Virginia.

How Does Court-Approved Relocation Work In Virginia?

Relocation cases are modifications of custody, but have a very distinct legal apparatus in place. For a person to relocate with a child away from the other parent, the relocating party has to show that the relocation will not substantially impair the relationship between the other parent and the child. It can be an uphill battle to be permitted by a court to move away from the other parent with a child.

If you are thinking about moving, or the other parent to your child is considering moving, you should discuss your case with a knowledgeable family law attorney who can help you navigate the relocation issues. Failing to follow the proper procedure could be detrimental for everyone involved.

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