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Understanding Post-Divorce Modifications

Even if your divorce has been finalized for some time, significant changes in circumstances may require a modification of support or custody arrangements. Post-divorce modifications are common, but they must meet particular requirements for the court to grant a change.

For example, a change in child support may be appropriate if the paying parent experiences a significant reduction or increase in income. Relocation of a parent is another reason to seek a modification. Make no mistake: it is important to consult with an experienced family law attorney if you plan to seek a modification or if you would like to stop a modification from happening. Without proper legal guidance, deviating from an established custody or support plan could have negative consequences for all parties involved.

If you think a post-divorce modification is appropriate for your family, or if you think a proposed modification is unfair, Lee Lopez Law PLLC can advise you on the best course of action for achieving your goals. Call us at 703-259-8731 or complete our contact form. With offices in Arlington, we advise and represent clients throughout Northern Virginia.

Making Sure The Changes Are Fair

When is a modification to child custody, child support or spousal support warranted? Grounds for a modification include:

  • A significant pay raise for one parent — This may include a significant inheritance received by the parent.
  • A significant decrease in income due to job loss or a pay cut — This could affect either parent, requiring a modification of child support. A downward modification of spousal support may also be warranted if the paying party experiences a significant decrease in income.
  • The remarriage of one parent, leading to a change in family structure — This could lead to a change in parenting time for each parent, particularly if the new spouse of the remarried parent also has children. Also, the stopping of spousal support payments may be warranted by the remarriage of the receiving spouse.
  • Significant changes in the child’s needs — Added expenses are likely as children grow up. For example, a support arrangement may need to be modified to account for health care, car insurance or school tuition.

Every family situation is unique, and it’s important to establish a custody and support arrangement that fits your family’s particular needs.

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