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Can co-parental cooperation help your kid through divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2020 | Family Law

Northern Virginia parents want to make divorce as easy as possible on your kids. This is not an easy feat. After all, divorce is a traumatic experience for the entire family. To a child, it can feel like their entire life is turning upside-down. 

But working together with your co-parent can do a lot to help mitigate harm. Co-parental cooperation may act as the key to damage control. 

The importance of lowering aggression

KidsHealth discusses ways in which you can make divorce easier for your kid to handle. Unfortunately, there is no way to make divorce a pain-free experience. But it is undoubtedly even more painful when the divorce is high conflict. Aggressiveness between parents is often felt by your children. They can pick up on your anger and irritation. They often redirect blame for this anger toward themselves. 

By cooperating with your co-parent, you can avoid this. You can continue providing a sense of stability to your child, too. They see that you and your co-parent still get along despite the divorce. This can give them security they need to process the trauma of the event. 

How cooperation affects information flow

Cooperation also lets you stay on the same page regarding the flow of information. What do you want your child to know? What do you think you should keep from them? If you can discuss this with your co-parent before talking to your kid, you can avoid talking over each other. 

This combination can help your child feel like there are still things to rely on in their life. Though you must actively work through the struggles of divorce, it helps to have this as a foundation.