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Negative emotions and false domestic violence allegations

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense

When false domestic violence accusations surface, stress and other negative emotions such as depression are very concerning and often get in the way of one’s ability to defend themselves. Regrettably, many people are falsely accused of intimate partner violence and become completely overwhelmed by their circumstances, especially when they think about the potential consequences that lie ahead (losing a custody battle, spending time behind bars, etc.).

By reviewing all of your legal options closely, you not only increase your odds of a more favorable outcome but likely reduce the emotional impact of your case as well. Sadly, some people give up when they find themselves in this position.

Stress, depression and domestic violence charges

If you are overly stressed out or struggling with depression due to these accusations, these emotions will almost certainly carry over into other facets of your life, such as personal relationships and your career. Many people who find themselves in this position are experiencing financial challenges and these other hardships typically make their financial circumstances even worse. At the very least, high levels of anxiety and hopelessness impede one’s ability to fully focus on their case.

Managing your emotions during a domestic violence case

There are multiple strategies to consider when it comes to maintaining your emotions during a tough domestic violence case. Aside from having a clear understanding of legal strategies to prove your innocence, many people are able to clear their minds and improve their ability to focus on the legal facets of their case by picking up new hobbies and spending more time with friends and family members.